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Most fish live underwater, which is a terrible place to have sex
because virtually anywhere you lie down there will be stinging crabs
and large quantities of little fish staring at you with buggy little
eyes.  So generally when two fish want to have sex, they swim around
and around for hours, looking for someplace to go, until finally the
female gets really tired and has a terrible headache, and she just
dumps her eggs right on the sand and swims away.  Then the male, driven
by some timeless, noble instinct for survival, eats the eggs.  So the
truth is that fish don't reproduce at all, but there are so many of
them that it doesn't make any difference.
		-- Dave Barry, "Sex and the Single Amoeba: What Every
		   Teen Should Know"

A Worse Scenario
A Methane Bubble

More Huff

Giggling Interviewer

I love a giggle anytime anyplace.

Mapping The Gulf Guash
On June 23rd 2010 it "add a" footprint approaching 2.5 times that of Taiwan.

Put your home town under it

Earth Observatory image

Tabletop Footprint

U2 The Unforgettable Fire is almost 26 years old
Amazing, I bought that album when it was released, I was in Hong Kong, it is a killer U2 album.

I'm thinking of doing a parody of it to celebrate, as, "U As Well" - "The Unforgivable Fart"

POP star Professor Brian Cox said he was chuffed with his OBE.
Cox Rocks in physics"

There should be better ways of discovering the secrets of atomic nature without smashing it!

Google Ads

New Google Phone Service Whispers Targeted Ads Directly Into Users' Ears


Classic - Right there!
Matrix Drumming

TED Again - This Time "The Head"

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