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Nearly every software professional has heard the term spaghetti code as a
pejorative description for complicated, difficult to understand, and impossible
to maintain, software.  However, many people may not know the other two 
elements of the complete Pasta Theory of Software.

Lasagna code is used to describe software that has a simple, understandable,
and layered structure.  Lasagna code, although structured, is unfortunately
monolithic and not easy to modify.  An attempt to change one layer conceptually
simple, is often very difficult in actual practice.

The ideal software structure is one having components that are small and
loosely coupled; this ideal structure is called ravioli code.  In ravioli 
code, each of the components, or objects, is a package containing some meat
or other nourishment for the system; any component can be modified or replaced
without significantly affecting other components.

We need to go beyond the condemnation of spaghetti code to the active
encouragement of ravioli code.
		-- Raymond J. Rubey, in a letter to the editor of Crosstalk

Live Leak Irony
LiveLeak of an exploding live gas leak in Kaohsiung....

GoPro Knee Replacement
Not for the squeamish.

A much different technique from a video I saw many years ago at an online medical site, which involved a very large hand drill and "putting your back into it."


Football Spam
Massive spam spike in the mail server logs from Latin American countries since the world cup began.


cp /dev/null football_fan_laptops

lEd zeP


Cooking tip:

When making a pasta dinner for a blind date, use shards of mace in your sauce rather than nutmeg, it has the ability to incapacitate.

Orbital Area
Earth's orbital area is about 70,685,834,705,770,344 mi˛ / 113,804,193,876,290,254 km˛


The Symmetrical Winter Waters of Tien Mu Creek - 20140118 from Russ McClay on Vimeo.

Crikey - That's a broken nose
Andy Eicholz Broken Nose - Real bender


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