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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)
	You are a quick and intelligent thinker.  People like you
because you are bisexual.  However, you are inclined to expect too much
for too little.  This means you are cheap.  Geminis are known for
committing incest.

More Peas Less Brains
The return of the...
"legal under international law and their use conforms with international standards"
Watch Out For Those Home Hair Dyes
US Wants All Brits Fingerprints
Anti-Cancer Chicken Eggs Produced
Microsoft and the NSA
Super Polls
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Someday man should learn how to enjoy liberty without license, nourishment without gluttony, and pleasure without debauchery. Self-control is a better human policy of behavior regulation than is extreme self-denial.

My jokes are so lame I shot my horse.