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Don't knock President Fillmore.  He kept us out of Vietnam.

C & I went to see Bob Log III last night (Apr. 25th 09), there were a few old friends I haven't seen in a while there. On the way in I bumped into the Rev. John Jay Korvette who was on super secret security duty, he asked us if we'd like to meet him - " HELL YEAH " C & I replied, so we went into his VIP room hung out and had a beer with him before the gig- he loves his beer! - He was killer and ripped the hell out of that guitar.... he'll be back in the summer. C was in awe!

The web helps you collect that which has already been collected.

Someday man should learn how to enjoy liberty without license, nourishment without gluttony, and pleasure without debauchery. Self-control is a better human policy of behavior regulation than is extreme self-denial.

My jokes are so lame I shot my horse.