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	"The Good Ship Enterprise" (to the tune of "The Good Ship Lollipop")

On the good ship Enterprise
Every week there's a new surprise
Where the Romulans lurk
And the Klingons often go berserk.

Yes, the good ship Enterprise
There's excitement anywhere it flies
Where Tribbles play
And Nurse Chapel never gets her way.

	See Captain Kirk standing on the bridge,
	Mr. Spock is at his side.
	The weekly menace, ooh-ooh
	It gets fried, scattered far and wide.

It's the good ship Enterprise
Heading out where danger lies
And you live in dread
If you're wearing a shirt that's red.
	-- Doris Robin and Karen Trimble of The L.A. Filkharmonics

Its Good For You
Banned Commercial For Guinness

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