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Life is a whim of several billion cells to be you for a while.

Meat Gaga
Oh condemnation! she got a right hammering for this stunt. I've not seen any videos or heard any of her music, so I can't comment on her talent, but she certainly likes to draw attention.

So, for the repulsed and annoyed, suppose it's OK to wear flesh if it's in the form of a leather jacket, a nice pair of leather shoes, a leather handbag, hat or belt. Oh but wait, they are skin... and meat is to be eaten not adorned (meat is murder) - shucks - I will have to rethink this one out over a bacon butty!

dress.jpg I think this beef swimsuit and the dress she wore at the awards are splendid, the fabric is the kind you would use for a Chinese hot-pot. A Cheongsam or Qipao would be stunning in this material. Instead of wearing once and throwing away, one could wear it and eat it, with a partner, or members of the family. Personally I prefer spring slaughtered baby sheep.

Years ago, someone told me what their typical Sunday is like.

"I lie naked on my sofa, my whole body covered in food, enough to last the whole day - so there is no need for me to get up while I watch TV and eat."

There was no mention to the type of nutrition worn, it may have been only vegetarian, such as cakes, chips, chocolate, ice-cream(is that veggie?) and veggies washed down with a gallon or 2 of Pepsi.

Japanese ladies have been known to wear sushi and sashimi, sometimes publicly in restaurants. Many of these women enjoy being naked platters to be eaten off.

"Wears" the Wasabi - yes it does, doesn't it?

The web helps you collect that which has already been collected.

Someday man should learn how to enjoy liberty without license, nourishment without gluttony, and pleasure without debauchery. Self-control is a better human policy of behavior regulation than is extreme self-denial.

My jokes are so lame I shot my horse.