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Giving up on assembly language was the apple in our Garden of Eden:
Languages whose use squanders machine cycles are sinful.  The LISP
machine now permits LISP programmers to abandon bra and fig-leaf.
		-- Epigrams in Programming, ACM SIGPLAN Sept. 1982

Holy Cow!

Holy Cow! Literally! - a hole in a live cow! You can see directly into it's stomach! The green stuff is grass and hay. This is recorded at Veterinary University - and don't worry, - the cow isn't under any distress at all. I know I have one fitted.

The web helps you collect that which has already been collected.

Someday man should learn how to enjoy liberty without license, nourishment without gluttony, and pleasure without debauchery. Self-control is a better human policy of behavior regulation than is extreme self-denial.

My jokes are so lame I shot my horse.