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Coincidence, n.: 
	You weren't paying attention to the other half of what was
going on.

Diluting With Sedatives?
Finally, "after repeated demands/requests from Jackson," Murray relented and gave Jackson 25 milligrams of propofol, diluted with another sedative, records state.

Song In Code (#songincode) - Name That Song

if ( $day==$night ) { $hard=TRUE; }

if ( empty($heart) ) { fill($heart); }

INT 1;

function story() { story(); }

function life() { array_search($mars); }

if ( $f_name=='??' ){ REPLACE(); }

function is_odd() { if ( $MajorTom!=null ) { STDOUT   " " ; RETURN TRUE; } }

if (date(A)=="AM" ) { touch( me ); }

circumference / PI    ...a tough one!

date() - 1 ;

INT 909+1;

if ( goto()=="Chelsea" ) {RETURN;}




register ADDRESS *from;
   register STAB *s;
   s = stab("private", ST_MAILER, ST_FIND);
   if (s != NULL && e->e_from.q_mailer != LocalMailer && to->q_mailer == s->s_mailer)
    return ( H_RCPT ADDRESS );

if ( $name=="love" ){ STOP; }

$a="yester"; $b=array("-me", "-you", "day"); while ( array_walk($b) ){echo"$a.$b";}

echo date(' jS \of F ', 1278201600 );

echo date(' F ', 1286064000 );

if ( is_int($volume) ) { $volume++; }

INT (-5);

if ( date(l) == "Saturday" && date(H) >= "18" ){ START fight(); }

if_exists ($me) { RETURN "Rescue"; }

$> rails def self.jd_to_wday(2) end

HEX #560319;

date() + 1 ;

do RUN(3);

Pbrain #SONGINCODE originals



I've Adjudicated Many Hair Competitions
I have seen this sort of thing hairstyle_11.jpg

Some of the compilation source

Paul Is Dead
Les Paul
I loved my 1st black Les Paul copy. My bro painted me playing it, I wore grey.

Perpetuum Jazzile - Rain, Africa

MySpace Meet - Busted

In Copper Sulphate

While Sifting For Fast Tap Dancers
I've always loved dance, I remembered Roy Castle who hosted the Guiness Record Breakers show in the UK, a talented chap, he made a few world records... ( though at the time I thought he was mediochre )

This I didn't know...

Throughout his adult life Roy Castle suffered from agoraphobia. For the greater part of his career as an entertainer he was unhindered by the condition - but his role as the main presenter of Record Breakers proved challenging at times. Unfortunately for Roy, many of the multi-person record-breaking attempts were recorded in the vast BBC TC1 studio at Television Centre. At 995 square metres (10,250 ft²), TC1 is one of the largest television studios in Europe. The prospect of several hundred hula-hooping schoolgirls or bagpiping soldiers inside a large studio would cause Roy great anxiety. However, he prided himself on being a professional entertainer and he improvised many novel ways of managing his condition. For example, when filming in TC1 he would arrange with the producer to have a large wicker laundry basket placed out of camera shot, into which he would dive to take refuge from his panic attacks. His co-host Cheryl Baker would often sit on the basket, thus providing Roy with the comforting knowledge that the lid could not be accidentally removed.

Here he is with Michael Parkinson, Kenny Everett, Buddy Rich & Sammy Davis Jnr. - who'da thought?

If you love Kenny - Brother Lee Love!

Here's Kenny bringing in 70's pop band Sparks - who killed!

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